Who Are We?

Alaf Guur. TThe phrase itself says it all: Destiny in Marriage. There are 1.5 million single Somalis across the world, all looking for their destiny - the perfect one for them.

Alaf Guur is committed to helping you find your perfect match. The Somali people are spread out all across the world - we have travelled far, and made our nation proud. Wherever you are, you are making the world a more beautiful place.

Somali singles around the globe long to find other Somali Muslim singles to marry. But for practical reasons, it becomes difficult to find one another in the same localities. Distances, differences in residential setups, work pressures, all these combine to make it difficult to meet other Somali Muslim singles and find that perfect life partner.

That’s where Alaf Guur steps in. With the blessings of Allah, we are a happily married couple who run the site, and have helped other Somali couples get married. Our site is exclusively for Somali people.

What do we stand for?

Marriage is a holy institution, and we govern our site in strict accordance with the tenets of courtship and marriage prescribed by Islam. Dating Somali singles, and joining with them in the sacred institution of marriage must be in strict accordance with Allah’s wishes. We aim to bring couples together only within the holy bond of guur halaal ah.

Young Somali men and women seeking marriage need not look beyond Alaf Guur. It is the best matrimonial website for Somali singles, and that is not a claim made in vain. We understand that Somali Muslim marriage is an extension of our faith, our national identity, and our common cultural oneness.

Why Join Us?

• Any and all data you register with us remains completely secure, inaccessible to hacking.
• You can decide your levels of privacy according to your comfort: keep your pictures private and share only with those you wish to.
• You can be assured about the authenticity of the members here; our staff confirms each person to ensure their veracity.
• We monitor and guide our members in every aspect of the process, so that no offence may be committed. In this respect, we are not only a Shariah-compliant marriage website, but the very best one you can find.
• Our site is exclusively for Somali people, geared solely towards Somali Muslim marriage, and there is no question of outsiders joining in.

The road to Alaf Guur

Allah is almighty, and creates our destiny. Your soulmate, your partner for life, your true love awaits you. Alaf Guur is the path to helping you meet that destiny. Do head to our Sign Up section and become part of the Alaf Guur family.

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